Rolex Review: The Milgauss vs The Classic Submariner

Rolex Milgauss vs Submariner

Today we have a battle between two fantastic watches from the Rolex Brand. The classic, stylish and one of a kind Rolex Submariner up against the innovative, unique and quite stylish Rolex Milgauss.


This is definitely not an easy choice for me. Both are expertly crafted, perfectly designed and offer some of the best quality around when it comes to timepieces. But since I ultimately have to give you all a decision on which one is better, I will go ahead and say the Milgauss. This is when all Rolex fanatics bash my decision, and may even result in violent acts. Just kidding, but it is true, Rolex fans will probably call me crazy. The Submariner is such a classic, it is hard to vote against it. To me, the Milgauss is a one of a kind piece. A Rolex that is not your typical Rolex. It is fun, creative, stylish and innovative. Which is why, in my humble opinion, it beats the Submariner.

Rolex Milgauss

Let me begin by providing everyone with a brief history of the Milgauss model. ( Oh no, another history lesson 😭). Interestingly enough, the history of the Milgauss brand is quite fascinating! It began in the 1950’s when Rolex noticed that mechanical watches were being affected by magnetic fields. Thus, the Milgauss model was born, a model of Rolex watches that actually is not affected by magnetic fields.

This meant that these watches were curated for scientists and engineers who work in situations where the magnetic fields are intensified. So because the watch was made for scientists, Rolex implemented unique and one of a kind designs for this line of watches. As you see above, the second’s hand is in an orange lightning bolt shape with orange numbers contrasting the blue face. Enough with history, all of this talk about design has me anxious to describe the cool attributes of this watch.

A Unique Design

Some may call Rolex crazy for adding an orange lightning bolt on a watch whose name is nothing short than luxury. Well, to be completely honest, it actually looks great. This is a watch for those who have more unique personalities. It is not your average, everyday sports watch or dive watch. This is a watch that was created to be antimagnetic, to be worn by the smartest people on earth! Take that in and really enjoy what you have here.

Another great feature is the sapphire crystal used on this piece. The crystal is slightly domed, and on the sides, the crystal is a nice, bright green color.

A colored crystal has been done on other watches, but this was the first by Rolex to feature this interesting attribute. I’d say the green goes well with the blue dial and orange hand, while giving it a mad scientist look. It may not be a watch I would wear with business attire, but most certainly any casual outfits.

Great Size

What makes the watch even better to me is the size. A 40mm case that does not feel too small or too big. As far as size goes, this is virtually the baby bear in the watch game; a perfect fit. The polished bezel is sleek and shiny, which actually helps with the size. It is not as bulky as the Submariner and seems to compliment the wrist more. This is not a watch for lovers of big face.


Like almost all Rolex watches, you can expect great durability with this timepiece.  Rolex does not stop at luxury; they ensure to make watches that can last for many, many years.

This is not a dive watch, so do not expect 300 meters of water resistance. You do receive up to 100 meters of water resistance though, which is really all you need for an everyday watch. Just make sure your beautifully crafted, signature Rolex crown is screwed down nice and tight, to ensure your watch will not let any water in.

The oyster steel bracelet is yet another reason why this watch is durable. A 904L steel offers excellent weight, matched with a material that is not as susceptible to scratches. Add the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and ultra secure, 5 link, oyster clasp, and you have one of the most durable watches on the market.

The Special Feature

Would you call magnetic interference an aspect that hinders durability? Well if it keeps your watch from functioning properly, I would say so. The Rolex Milgauss features a ferromagnetic material in the inner case, that works to aid against electromagnetic fields. You can now roam the world free, knowing the unavoidable magnetic fields will not be affecting your watches time keeping abilities!

A Watch That Holds Value

This may be one of the most important features when purchasing an expensive watch. Yes, I know some watches may be “priceless” to some. But when you are talking this much money on a piece of metal that you wear on your wrist (such an insult to the Rolex name), value and price MATTER!

That being said, you should expect this watch to be quite expensive, but for a good reason. Being that the Milgauss is not your average watch, and features precious metals not found in many other watches. There is no reason to doubt the long-term value of the watch. If kept in good condition, I would go as far to say expect your watch to grow in value, even after it is “pre-owned.”


It is obvious that you are getting a reliable watch with this purchase. You are indeed buying a Rolex. But the 3131 movement in this piece is fantastic! It is the same 3131 movement used in other Rolex models. Just with some added metal to protect the precious movement inside. Look for this watch to be extremely accurate. Maybe a second or two off a day.

The One and Only, Rolex Submariner

Oh man, how will the Submariner stand a chance against the scientific masterpiece that is the Milgauss. Well, it definitely does stand a chance, despite the loss. It is, in fact, an amazing watch, with a rich history dating back before the Milgauss.

The Submariner is a must-have watch according to many watch collectors and one of the greatest timepieces to ever tick in this world. If you are a fan of the Rolex brand. Chances are you own, or WANT to own a Submariner.


Not a design that is overly done. The Submariner is simply clean, simple, but has so much character and is overall such a handsome looking watch.

Do not confuse the Submariner with the SeaDweller. They do virtually look identical, but the Submariner has the Rolex signature 2.5 magnification cyclops.

The Submariner may not have an innovative or one of a kind design. But we all have to admit that it looks great. The black dial, white hands and black and white bi-directional bezel, go great with the bold stainless steel bracelet. This watch also has a 40mm case, like the Milgauss, but the bezel does make the Submariner feel larger and a bit bulkier.

When to Wear the Submariner

A great feature that I can say about the Submariner, is it is extremely versatile. You can wear this watch with ANYTHING. Literally, any outfit can be worn with the Submariner. Business attire to casual to sporty and even in a full wetsuit. No matter what outfit or occasion it is, look to pull out your Submariner.


You will not be disappointed with the durability of this watch. The water resistance on this beauty is up to 300 meters (or 1,000ft). So any average swimmer or even diver can wear this watch without worrying about it breaking.

This watch also has a scratch resistant, ceramic bezel insert, a scratch-proof crystal and a nice and shiny 904L oyster bracelet, and yes you guessed it, that is great at hiding imperfections (scratch proof).

Minus the intense technology added to the Milagauss; the Submariner is just as durable. The bulkiness actually helps more when it comes to falls, bangs and scratches. So you can not go wrong with the Submariners’ strength!


A classic piece like the Submariner will always hold its value. Unless, of course, you dismantle and destroy your piece (which is not as easy as it sounds).

All Rolex Submariner models hold their value pretty well. But, I would always recommend a vintage, original piece. These are the timepieces with history. They may not feature the latest technology like the newer models. However, it is hard to turn down the original.

Incredible Movement

While diving 1,000 ft below the sea, it is important to have an accurate timepiece believe it or not. The latest Submariner is fit with a 3135 mechanical movement. This is a great, reliable movement, that we are starting to see more and more on newer model Rolex watches. Why? Because these are incredible movements. ‘

It is a large, 31 jewel movement, with a calendar aperture that is instantaneous. Meaning the date automatically changes at midnight, every night.

The Winner: The Rolex Milgauss

The name itself represents a winning breed. Milgauss comes from the Latin term, mil, meaning thousand, and gauss, which means magnetic. A thousand magnetic. Wow, that just sounds beautiful.

But the reason I chose the Milgauss over the Submariner in today’s review, is for these two reasons. For one, there are SOOOOO many dive watches on the market. With the Milgauss, you get a unique watch, that isn’t seen every day. Another reason? The technology used in the watch. I mean, how cool is it when you tell somebody, “hey, my watch is anti-magnetic!” You will easily be the coolest guy in the office or the classroom.

Honestly, though, I am in love with both of these timepieces. Whichever one you decide on purchasing.

Review of the Top Watches By Burei

image of the black, stainless steel quartz burei watch

You get what you pay for. How many times have you heard that in your life? As much as we all hope that exclusive deal we see online for the $25 Jordan’s are the deal of a lifetime, chances are it is too good to be true.  Now, not to say you can not get bargains.

With Burei you get a decent watch at an amazing price! The watches by Burei resemble big named brands like Rolex. Now thats what I call a bargain!

Pretty similar, huh? As you see above the prices are INSANELY different. So it really boils down to what you are looking for in a watch. If you have the money to spend, go ahead and buy that Rolex. If you are looking to buy a great looking watch, that may not be as luxurious and expertly crafted; but works well and does its job. Well, than Burei is a GREAT watch brand for you!

Below, I will review multiple watches by Burei that have the best reviews, and in my opinion, look the nicest and are most worth it!

Burei Datejust Sapphire Crystal

The first watch I will review by Burei is the one you see above, that looks almost identical to a Rolex Datejust. Datejusts’ are probably my favorite styled watch. I just love the bracelet, classic, clean look and the great size that these watches come in.


When it comes to style, this watch does not disappoint. It has a great high class look and even uses a sapphire crystal, which is better than many plastic crystals that are usually found on cheaper watches.

The timepiece features a well manufactured stainless steel bracelet, with a bit of weight to it. Not really comparable to the weight of a Rolex bracelet, but much better than I expected. You can also purchase the gold lining band, that you see at the beginning of the post, the band that I prefer. The dark black dial goes great with either bracelet, and looks great with any outfit.

At 40mm, it fits great on any wrist. The 12mm case thickness, makes it so the watch does not stick out to much on the wrist. When you are wearing this piece, it seems to fit well, but can loosen pretty quickly with wear.


Do not expect to be blown away with Burei’s movements. I would not go as far to say they are terrible. But definitely not high grade. These are not Swiss made movements, they are made in Japan. I can not find exact specifics of what type of movement that is used in automatic Burei’s other than “Japanese Automatic Movement.”

Owners do claim that the watch does keep great time though. So you can expect the watch to stay in the -20 + 20 second range each day, which truly is not bad. I just do not my readers expecting a high grade, Swiss made movement if you do decide to purchase. Just know at the end of the day, it will do its job and perform well!

Burei Quartz “Roman Numerals”

This is a great looking watch! I love what Burei did with the dial on this one! It has such a unique style, with a one of a kind overall look. Just look at the shiny gold, large Roman Numerals, that simply stand out on the handsomely fashioned striped dial.

With a gold colored, 41mm case, the case perfectly compliments the dial. Add the sleek, dark brown, calfskin band and you have yourself a beautiful timepiece.

What Makes it Great

Why this watch is a must buy is the price. You are not getting expensive materials in this watch. You ARE getting a great looking piece, with a moderate quartz movement and a durable model. I would recommend this to anyone who is new to the watch market and on a budget!

Multifunction Chronograph by Burei

This chronograph features a very classic design that fits the description of a dress watch. Decide between a silver, black-gold, black silver or gold design on this one. Either way, every color line looks elegant and professional; perfect for any business or business casual attire.

One of my favorite qualities of this watch has to be the price. Overall it is a GREAT deal, I would go as far to say a BARGAIN! Not flashy, not designer but simply a nice looking watch at a very nice looking price! We don’t all have 8K to drop on a watch now!

The Minimalist

A name that truly fits the piece on this one. Nothing flashy, expensive or even super high quality. Just an all black watch,waiting to compliment your all black attire. I can not think of one “all black designer” watch on the market today. So when times call for all black; whether it be the sad times of a funeral, or your just redefining what style really is, this is a watch to seal the look.

You get a watch with 30m of water resistance, scratch resistant mineral case, Japanese VX32 movement (don’t know much about this) and an analogue time display. Another bang for your buck on this watch! (They are all affordable, just incase you have not noticed yet)!

Burei Skeleton Automatic

Come on guys, don’t be greedy.If you are buying yourself an affordable watch (or five), might as well get one for the lady. Now, granted, this may not be her first choice in style. But you have to admit, it is a cool looking watch.

Just do not mention the name of the watch when purchasing, unless she’s into that type of stuff of-course. The skeleton name on this one is due to the see through dial, so you can see the movement inside.

You get a decent automatic movement on this one, so she will always be on time, like always! The watch comes in a nice size 34mm case, with a calfskin leather band. A brass bezel with sparkly, fancy looking diamonds helps to make the piece more of a “standout” watch, and takes some eyes off of the mechanics inside.

This is definitely not a watch for everyone, so browse through a few pics before purchasing. But once you own it, I believe many will fall for the wonderful timepiece. It has the look and glory of an expensive watch at 1/150000th of the price.

Chronograph Sports Watch by Burei

Time for a sports watch. When the clock is ticking down, and your on the edge of your seat, waiting for the final shot. It is always great to have a sports watch on your wrist. Wow that was terrible!

All jokes on the sideline, this is a nice looking watch. Nice and causal, yet suitable for any attire. The crocodile grain leather is actually quite appealing and comfortable on the wrist.

As for the design, it is a 41 mm case, with a sapphire, scratch-resistant crystal; which again is hard to find on cheaper watches. The inside features a Japanese quartz movement, which is reliable enough for what your paying. And the color choices for this watch are fantastic. Choose between silver, black or rose gold. No matter which one you decide to go with, I am sure it will please you.

Overall, another great purchase by Burei. It is a reliable and durable watch that can be worn with any outfit of your choice.

Another Chronograph by Burei

Here we have another chronograph watch by Burei. This one here has much more of a sporty, cheaper look to it. And in my opinion is not has nice. However it is one of the most durable watches by Burei.

With this specific chronograph, it can withstand up to 50m of water resistance. A very substantial feature for an affordable watch. The black leather band also gives protection. The watch can take falls without having scratches all over the bracelet and maintains a smooth look. The 41mm case is also quite sturdy and has a tough, durable look to it.

Unquestionably the best fit watch for casual attire. I would go as far as to say make this your everyday workout/sport watch. It may not be as light and complex as an Apple watch, or other smart watches, however, it is durable, pretty accurate at timekeeping and to some, quite stylish.

The Final Breakdown of the Burei Brand

When it comes down to it, the Burei name is nothing special. I honestly can not find much history online to even explain who they are. Watch connoisseurs usually take history whole hearted and may not even purchase a watch if it is not from a well regarded brand. Most people do not look at watches this way.

Many people look for a stylish and durable watch, that is good at doing its job; keeping time. If you are one of these people, and on the market for very affordable watches, Burei is for you.

An Affordable Brand With Good Looks

There is no doubt in my mind that Burei makes some of the nicest looking watches for the price point. They use reasonable mechanics and pieces for their watches, like sapphire crystals, which really make their watches beat other similarly priced time keepers.

Even though it may be a mock look. I have to say the Burei Datejust is my favorite.

The Burei Datejust is a beautiful watch at a phenomenal price. This is one of the most similar looking watches to a Rolex Datejust and just give off such a luxurious look. Despite it not being a Rolex; brand names aside it is just beautiful. A great gift for people of all ages and those who appreciate affordable, yet very attractive watches.

Rolex Datejust Jubilee vs Oyster Watch Bracelet Face-off

rolex datejust jubilee vs oyster bracelet

Today we have “The Battle Of The Bands!” Watch bands that is. Featuring two of the most worn bracelets by Rolex; the Datejust Jubilee vs. the Oyster bracelet. Both of these bands are of superior quality and design that watch connoisseurs all over regard highly. To some, the bracelet makes the watch. So which one is better?

This is a very hard comparison, but if I have to choose one it would go the Datejust Jubilee! Now at the end of the day, as I said these are both expertly crafted, high-quality bracelets. I chose the Datejust because I just have a love for many of the Datejust watches that feature the Jubilee. And own quite a few myself!

Datejust Jubilee

The Datejust name has quite a history to it. 1945 marks the first year that the Rolex Datejust watches began production. This would change the game for Rolex and become one of their most popular lines in the market.


The Jubilee is a bracelet that will definitely provide comfort. It is not as large and bulky as the Oyster bracelet and the links are slightly separated, which gives the watch a natural feel on the wrist. What I mean by this is the watch does not feel glued to your body; it stays on sturdy but has a slight ‘jiggle’ to it.

With time and wear, the watch may slide up the wrist and expand a bit, but not as far as to make the bracelet uncomfortable. The 20mm lugs offer good size and good weight that feel good on almost any wrist. People with smaller wrists tend to find this bracelet more comfortable than the Oyster, but those with a wrist over 7 1/2 inches in diameter, complain that the bracelet is very tight.


I personally love the designs of Jubilee bracelets!

The two-toned gold bands are my personal favorite. The gold links just fit perfectly with the stainless steel band; the definition of a perfect dress watch. And a dress watch is exactly what Rolex was aiming for when designing the Jubilee. A mid sized, luxury, attention grabbing bracelet that does not stick out on the wrist. So any business attire can be worn with the watch.

A strong Folding Oyster-clasp gives the watch a good look and feel to it as well. With the newer models, you can even get an extension link, meaning you can make the watch fit tighter, or more loosely on the wrist.

Overall, the design of the Jubilee bracelet is hands down more classy than the Oyster. The Jubilee is not as bulky and plain, it just simply has a clean look that fits well in any business or dress attire.


A durable bracelet is a great bracelet. If you want a watch that you can wear every day, the bracelet must be strong and sturdy. One thing I must admit about the Jubilee, is it is not as durable as the Oyster bracelets.

Now I have banged, dropped and scratched against walls quite a few times while wearing my Datejust Jubilee. And have even played basketball while wearing it (how stupid), and the bracelet has maintained very well. But! The watch has become a bit loose ( I do not have the extension Jubilee models) and is displaying some scratches on the gold lugs.  The scratches are not really noticeable, but when you have scratches as a watch owner, they tend to stand out like a noob playing Fortnite (WOW my nerd is coming out)!

So if I had to give a durability rating to the Jubilee Datejust, I would say a 3.8/5. I only say that because Rolex is creating VERY durable bracelets nowadays, that blow the Jubilee bracelets out of the park!


Because of the history and materials used for a Jubilee, the value of the bracelets alone are pretty high! Most Datejust Jubilees’ actually use a Yellow Rolesor material, which is a combination of Oyster-steel and 18 carat yellow gold. This is not cheap material here, this is the high grade stuff.

If you keep the bracelet in good condition, and don’t play basketball in it like I did, then expect your bracelet to hold some value. Check out the price of the bracelet below:

Classic Oyster Bracelet

Ahh the Oyster Bracelet, one of the most classic bands by Rolex. The Oyster Bracelet was patented by Rolex back in 1947! You can find these bracelets on all of the classics, including the Submariners, Sea Dwellers and even GMT Master watches. All of the history aside, I just find the Jubilee Datejust’s so much more attractive, which is why the Oyster falls short in this battle.


Oyster bracelets are definitely comfortable. Oyster bands are featured on sports timepieces, like dive watches, so comfort is a must. I have to say, they are much heavier and bulkier than the Jubilees’ and tend to fit better on larger wrists.

Models that feature “solid end links” seem to be the most comfortable in this category. This is mainly because it keeps the watch nice and secure on the wrist, without much looseness to it.


As for the design of the classic Oyster, I would say this is the category where they fall short. To me, looks really matter on a watch. And for the most part, Oyster bracelets typically only come in stainless steel or all gold. Now, there are in fact models with the gold lining running through, but with thicker and more squared looking lugs than on the Jubilee Datejust models.

That being said, I find the design to be rather plain. It is no doubt that the materials used and craftsmanship towards creating the bracelets is amazing. There is just not much style to it. Many people may disagree, remember, this is my opinion. I just prefer bracelets that stand out and have more to it than simply stainless steel, wide lugs.

I do like how there is diversity in the clasps for the Oyster bracelets.  The Oyster-lock clasp fits the best with these models because it blends in perfectly. But the regular Rolex clasp and the crown-clasp also go well with the bracelet.


Durability is the highlight of the Oyster bracelet. Big, bulky, heavy and sturdy are words I would use to describe this line of bracelets. They are absolutely the most durable bracelets by Rolex. I would even go as far as to say the most durable bracelets on any watch. Like I mentioned earlier, these bracelets are typically placed on sports watches like the Sea Dweller.

These watches are meant to handle depths up to 300m, so of-course the bracelet itself has to be durable.

The stainless steel can take bumps and bruises better than the Jubilee. Imperfections are better hidden on the oyster and tend to not even surface as much. The wide, heavy lugs that are interconnected also help to hide scratches and keep away dust and dirt, which can build up inside of the Jubilee open links.

Overall, I give the Oyster bracelet a well deserved 4.5/5 for durability. These bracelets are made to be durable. So they hold up quite well in this category.


There will always be value in a classic Oyster bracelet. Just keep your watch in good condition and expect the bracelet alone to be worth something. This is especially true if you have a vintage watch or bracelet from an original piece. Original Submariners and Sea Dwellers can go for big money. It’s always a good investment to go with an Oyster watch by Rolex.

Why I Chose The Jubilee

I may be biased in my decision, since I own many watches with the Jubilee bracelet. But like I said, I look for bracelets with style and complexity. In my opinion, the Oyster bracelets are plain and give off a basic look. Not that there is anything wrong with that at all. These are usually meant for durable sports watches. So the look compliments the watch perfectly. Jubilees’, however, give off the luxurious, high class look. These are what I picture when thinking of a luxury watch. Even when put up against Oyster bracelets that feature the gold lining, I see them as too thick and bulky. The Jubilee has great size lugs a nice polish and go great with any watch you pair it with.

Do not take in my opinions as pure facts though. My final decision was based solely on good looks. When it comes down to materials and craftsmanship, both watches are pretty much even. With the Oyster bracelet taking the cake when it comes to durability.

My Favorite Watches That Feature A Jubilee

To conclude on the article. I want to show three of my favorite watches that sport the Jubilee bracelet and the Oyster bracelet.

Below we have the “Mother Of Pearl” Datejust, that just looks so handsome with the Jubilee bracelet.

The Datejust 41, with blue dial looks great with the basic stainless steel model of Jubilee. The two toned bracelet is not needed here in my opinion.

Another one of my favorites is the vintage Rolex Datejust, with a blue dial. (I own this one, BIAS)!

Favorite Oyster Bracelet Models

You can never go wrong with the classic Submariner! This is an instance where the plain, but strong look of the Oyster bracelet, perfectly compliments the watch!

Another classic, the Sea Dweller!

And finally! One of my favorite models that feature an Oyster bracelet. The Rolex GMT Batman!

Hopefully I have made your decision on what bracelet to purchase a bit easier and you can decide on the perfect watch that fits you the best! Always keep in mind, when buying a Rolex or even a bracelet, there are many frauds circulating. Purchase from a reliable source with money back guarantees against fraud like Amazon!

War of the Watches: Rolex Hulk Vs. Batman Review

Rolex Hulk vs Batman

No, this is not a Marvel Vs. DC review that I am conducting today. Sorry movie fanatics. This is an even better WATCH review, featuring two superhero model watches by Rolex: The Rolex Submariner Green “AKA HULK”vs The Rolex GMT Master II “Batman.” I mean honestly, we all know that in an actual battle between the two, The Hulk would destroy the mortal Batman. But in today’s review, the result is not as clear!

Due to the beautiful design, function, shockingly strong durability and mechanics, the gold goes to Batman on this one. Both watches are great and very unique to the Rolex brand! However, my decision stands with the GMT Master II “Batman” and to find out why, just continue reading!

The Rolex Hulk

The big green giant has made an appearance in the realm of watches. Superhero fans, who also happen to be watch connoisseurs rejoice! This watch is sure to make you feel super-powerful!


What a beautiful design on this watch. Rolex kept the classic look of the trendy, classic yet handsome Submariner,  and made it green. The green “Sunray” dial really compliments the dark green bezel on this one. A color that may like a bad idea for a dive watch, actually looks great on this model. I, myself, am not even big on green watches, but I have to say the overall look of this watch is just breathtaking!

Keeping a Classic design

As for everything other than the color, the watch is almost identical to the original Submariner. It still has the 2.5 magnifying signature Rolex cyclops, a beautiful and sturdy stainless steel Oyster bracelet, a great size 40 mm case and the expertly crafted, twist in crown on the side of the watch. Rolex did do a few things different on this watch though. It features larger lugs (obviously, its the Hulk), a hefty ceramic bezel and bold, large hour markers within the dial. This really creates a look that makes you want to rip out of your clothing while wearing, try it for yourself.

This look perfectly fits the name behind the piece. Besides the color looking like the Hulk, it was a great addition to supersize other aspects of the watch. The only issue I have is with the bigger size and thicker lugs comes a bigger look. It seems to compliment a larger wrist and sticks out a bit more than other Submariners. So if you wear with dress clothes, it is not as easy to slip under your shirt. Other than that, its a great looking watch with a unique and original design. I give the overall design of this watch a 4/5 stars.


Of course this watch is durable. Is it even worth discussing? I mean, come on, the watch is named after the Hulk. It would be a shame to name a watch after one of the strongest superheroes, yet lack any durability at all!

This Rolex features all of the aspects that make a Submariner a durable watch. 300m of water resistance, a strong, scratch resistant bracelet and the airtight, screw down crown. Don’t expect to fight any supervillains with this watch on. Put it away for those battles. But know that this watch can take almost whatever you throw at it.

Everything from the sapphire crystal to the brawny large stainless steel lugs, reserve the longevity of your timepiece. Due to the immense quality and high grade material of this watch, I rate it a 4.5/5 for durability. I still recommend trying to keep the watch as pristine as possible though, this is not a cheap watch. Which leads me to my next point.


The price and value of this watch is up there, even higher than the Hulk himself. Not to say that this timepiece is not worth the high price tag. Since you are getting the top quality design and function of all the previous Rolex models, with even more updates to the inside of the watch, and adding a one of a kind design modeled after a popular superhero, the watch is definitely a gem that is worth the high price point.

This is a watch to keep and hold onto. Do not be surprised if you see the price soar as each year passes. But other than price and increasing value, the rarity and beauty of the watch is what really makes this timepiece shine. You must understand you a getting a classic watch with this piece. Now just realize how unique the design is for this watch and you can see for yourself that the watch is a great investment. I say the Rolex Submariner “Hulk” gets a score of 4.5/5 for value.



If you are purchasing a Rolex, you can always guarantee a reliable movement on the inside. I dare you to open the back of your watch and just marvel (pun intended) the complexity of the mechanics inside of your watch. The Rolex Hulk boasts an automatic, in house made, 3135 caliber movement, with 48,000 vibrations per hour. You get a fabulous, smooth running watch, that is sure to keep ticking for years. The 31 jewel 3135 movement is easily one of Rolex’s most widely used movements and for a great reason! It is so darn reliable.

As for a timepiece. Expect nothing less than excellence on this piece. A well deserved 4.8/5 is given to the amazing and dependable movement.

Rolex GMT- Master II “Batman

The Rolex GMT Master II “Batman

If the original theme song to Batman is not playing loudly inside of your head right now, I feel bad for you. There is no better way to introduce this beautiful watch than playing a classic super hero theme song.


Rolex did a great job on this watch. I was already in love with the original GMT-Master model, but with the addition of the half blue bezel, it just stands out as a great timepiece. I am more attracted to the coloring of The Batman when compared to The Hulk. You just have much more of a variety of what you can wear with the Batman, rather than stick out with a bright green watch on your wrist. The Batman is definitely more FLEXIBLE to wear with everyday and business attire.

A sleek and shiny black dial perfectly compliments the polished silver bracelet and makes it so the half black/half blue bezel stands out. The face looks similar to most GMT previous models but hosts an attractive and distinctive blue second hand, which is a perfect accent to the black dial.

True Rolex Features

What more can you ask for? All of the classic Rolex features, combined with an exclusive design named after the legendary Batman! A sapphire domed crystal with the signature cyclops, oyster bracelet with nice size lugs, 40mm case (a perfect size for any wrist) and the bidirectional rotating bezel. Everything that makes a Rolex a Rolex just with a look fit for any nerd, I mean superhero fan! The design on this watch gets a 5/5 in my opinion!


The GMT Batman is just as durable as the Hulk, even though it sounds unreal. One big differentiator is that The Hulk is a dive watch, so you are getting up to 300m of water resistance. The same can not be said for The Batman. But if you are not a diver or professional swimmer, does this really matter?

Other than water resistance, everything else is pretty much the same on this one. Scratch resistant crystal, polished bracelet that does a good job at covering up imperfections and screw down crown that keeps water from getting inside the watch (water from everyday activities like rain, showering, hand-washing etc).

Still expect a durable watch with the GMT Batman. Just please, do not go scuba diving searching for the joker. Overall, durability of this watch gets a 4/5.


I’d say the Rolex GMT-Master II “Batman” has a very high value and is worth the price. But don’t take my word for it, I’m no watch expert or anything (YES I AM). For those who are Batman fans, this watch should be a priceless item. It is a one of a kind model that may not be in production much longer. It already has a high price tag, so expect to see an increasing value if your watch is kept in good condition. Given the watch is kept in good condition and is near pristine, I give it a 4.5/5 for value.


We all know Batman is quick, reliable and very sneaky. Just multiply those qualities by two for The Batman watch by Rolex, minus the sneaky part. Rolex used an innovative calibre 3186, self-winding mechanical movement. This movement is crafted entirely by Rolex and all made in their factories, no outsourcing at all!

It may not be as widely used as the 3135 movement that is used in The Hulk. Do not let that fool you though. This only makes this movement more uncommon. This is not a movement found in many Rolex pieces and it is just as reliable, if not more reliable, than the 3135 movement. I give the movement a remarkable, yet a deserving 4.9/5.

Final Battle

It was a close battle, but the “Batman” pulls away with the victory in this review. The classic, yet distinct design, partnered with a great color scheme that goes great with any outfit and a movement that is not widely used, makes this timepiece a must-have! At the end of the day choose which watch fits better with your style. I am sure you WILL NOT be disappointed with either watch. What it really comes down to is preference.

Rolex 16700 Vs. 16710 GMT Face-off: Will it be Pepsi or Coke?

rolex 16700 vs 16710

Two Rolex GMT models. One winner. Which watch will defeat all odds and take home the gold.

Now that you got your reality television show introduction, you know it is time for another amazing watch review. Both the Rolex GMT 16700 and the Rolex GMT 16710, are fantastic watches. But sadly I have to make the decision between the two so my greedy  amazing readers can be happy and choose one. With that being said, due to the latest design and updates paired with a handsome, yet classic look, I have to recommend the Rolex GMT 16710 for the win. If you want more details as to why, just read below……..

Rolex GMT 16700

Despite the unavoidable loss, this watch should not be looked down upon. It is an expertly crafted model from Rolex, that offers distinct features and unbelievable reliability. It did in fact, last for over ten years (1988-1999). That tells you something for a watch. I would recommend this piece to those who are wanting a top notch watch at a great price!


Rolex always has great designs with their watches. And the same can be said for the GMT 16700. With a well-sized 40mm case and a multicolored bezel that just screams out buy me! This model features an elegant red color on the bottom half of the bezel and a “Pepsi” blue on the top. The colors fit perfectly and actually match very well with the dark black dial and the red second hand. Due to the color scheme, some people may stray away from wearing this watch with dress clothes. But I say, go AHEAD! In my opinion, the tones from the all of the colors present a very strong, elegant, yet fancy aura. One that will grab the attention of anyone surrounding.

Keep it Classic

Even though the watch has innovative, new features that are not native to the original GMT. The timepiece still has an overall classic design.  For one, if the blue and red bezel throw you off, the watch still features a 2.5 magnifying cyclops, sitting atop the domed sapphire crystal and a bi-directional bezel. Familiar, yet different at the same time. A well-deserved rating of 4.5/5 stars goes to the design of this watch.


We all know by now (I hope) that Rolex always uses top-notch movements inside of their watches. But as time passes, some become more innovative and reliable than others.

The GMT 16700 uses a caliber 3175 automatic movement. It has a hacking and quickset function to set the time. Hacking just means that when the twistable crown is pulled out, the second hand HALTS, to ensure more accurate timekeeping. Quickset, just means that the date can be changed quickly, without the hour hand having to pass 12 am. As for reliability, this watch does not disappoint.

The 31 jewel, 28,000 vibrations per hour, make it so the watch runs smooth and accurate. A slight downfall to the ref. 16700, is the one hour hand, that is independent. Newer models feature an independent hour hand, so three time zones can be accounted for. Important if you are a pilot, not so much if you are anything else. With all of that accounted for, a solid 4/5 rating is given to the movement.


Despite the long run of the GMT 16700, not many models were actually produced. That being said, this is actually a rarer watch, that is harder to find than similarly styled Rolex watches. You can still find these models at cheaper prices than newer models from trustworthy websites, but expect that to change in the future, not that I am a fortune teller or anything. Just due to the rarity of the piece, I can assume that prices will, in fact, raise as the watch becomes more vintage. Vintage + rare = money money money!

Can you find better GMT models around the same price. Certainly. But newer mass produced models do not have as much history as the 16700.  You get a luxurious watch, with precision craftsmanship and features that set it apart from other models. So I give the value rating, a humble 4.5/5. This is definitely on my purchase list in the near future.


A feature that should be one of the most important when deciding on a watch. You do not want a flimsy watch that will damage very easily. Not that ANY Rolex watches are not durable. This is something Rolex takes seriously. The GMT 16700 is no exception.

Solid, strong stainless steel case, a sapphire, scratch resistant crystal and a water resistance up to 100m (this is great for a non- dive watch). So if you treat the watch well, and don’t drop it from a plane, normal wear and tear should not affect the watch. It should hold its own.

Rolex GMT 16710

What do you know? A bright red and Pepsi blue again!

Now don’t let the same color fool you. There is ALOT of upgrades on this watch as compared to the older 16700. This was one of the FIRST watches by Rolex that was able to account for up to three time zones. As insane as it sounds, it was a very important factor for pilots years ago, who relied solely on watches to tell time.


Are you going with Pepsi, Coke or all black?

If you live in Atlanta like me, you must go COKE….

The design is basically identical to the 16700, with some minor changes. You still have the choice between Pepsi and all black, but the addition of the Coke color scheme, you get another choice (or you can buy them all). Besides the Coke coloring, the watch also features a matte bracelet that really shines and gives the watch a strong, luxurious and wealthy look. Everything else is just about the same when it comes to design, a cyclops, black dial , 40 mm steel case, and oyster bracelet all match the 16700 model. But due to the few upgrades, the GMT 16710 pulls a victory with a 4.7/5.

Are you in love with all the color schemes, and can’t decide on just one? An interesting fact is that you can buy separate bezels, so you can have more than one watch display! This goes for both the 16700 and 16710.


If you thought the caliber 3175 was good enough, be prepared to be amazed with the caliber 3185! Not many Rolex models use this movement. So it is an unwanted movement that is crafted to perfection, hence why it is not used in every watch.

The caliber 3185 is fitted with a 31 jewel 28,800 vibrations per hour, automatic movement. The addition of the independent hour hand and the 50 power reserve, make it even more unique. Reliability is an understatement when describing this watch.  Who else can tell a friend what time it is in three different time zones on their watch (Smartphones don’t count)!

A 4.8/5 is the rating I give to the movement on this piece. What is even more amazing? Models made after 2005 use a 5186 MOVEMENT! So even more of an upgrade!


Although it may have been produced more than the 16700, the GMT 16710 is a watch that I expect to grow in value as well. A main factor in the battle is all of the upgrades this watch has. So despite the fact that there may be fewer of the 16700’s out there, they are not as advanced as the 16710’s. And you have more colors you can choose from.

This model was discontinued as well. So it will soon be known as a vintage as well. Like all watches, if you have this model, keep it in good condition and you won’t be disappointed with the value. 4.6/5 rating on value.


The 16710 is just as durable as the previous model. Not really any differences here. Everything pretty much mirrors the 16700. Take care of the piece and it should be looking as good as new for a very long time!

A Win Due to Advancements

As I mentioned throughout the article, there is not a lot of difference between these two models. What you do get is a more advanced piece with the 16710, which may be a selling point for many watch enthusiasts. I tend to live by the motto, if you are purchasing a luxury, high-grade watch, buy the best one. Since these two are so similar, why not go with the upgraded model? Now, if mechanical advancements are not a big deal to you, either watch is a great choice.

Can you even see the difference?

If not, don’t feel bad. The differences are minor. The best advice I can give to anyone purchasing either one of these watches is to buy from a reliable source like Amazon. Too many counterfeits are in circulation, make sure you are purchasing the real thing!

Compare and Contrast

Here is a closer look at what makes the watches different (not much).  Very subtle differences separate the two. The main factor is the movement.

Rolex GMT 16700 Rolex GMT 16710
2.5 mag. cyclops 2.5 mag. cyclops
Stainless steel bracelet Stainless steel bracelet (matte)
40mm case 40mm case
Oyster bracelet Oyster bracelet
Multi-colored bezel (2 choices) Multicolored bezel (3 choices)
Black dial w/ luminescent hands Black dial w/ luminescent hands
31 jewel, 3175 Calibre movement 31 jewel, 3185 or 3186 movement (independent hour hand)

Rolex Yacht-Master vs. Submariner: Which High-End Watch is Right for You?

rolex yacht-master vs submariner

Today, we’re going head-to-head with two of the most popular watches that Rolex has to offer: it’s the Rolex Yacht-Master vs. Rolex Submariner. The Yacht-Master is one most polarizing models for the Rolex community, while the Submariner is an iconic timepiece and a historical dive watch. If you have the dilemma of choosing between these two Rolexes, then let me say that it’s a good problem to have. In reality, you can’t go wrong by choosing one over the other.

However, I know that both watches are hefty investments and you want yours to count. One is a regatta countdown flyback chronograph, and the other is the quintessential dive watch. Personally, I prefer the Rolex Submariner for its classic reliability, design, and durability. But that’s just me. Let’s take a closer look at what each model can offer.

Rolex Yacht-Master Review

The first Rolex Yacht-Master was released as a part of the company’s Professional series with the reference 16628. The watch was released in 1992 and is touted as the sleeker upgrade to the iconic dive watch, the Submariner. However, according to the rumor mill, many Submariner devotees see that the design overhaul is too much and is ready to pounce into the Yacht-Master. Eventually, Rolex decided that the Yacht-Master will be released as an entirely new model instead.

For this review, we’ll be focusing on the Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Reference 116622 but many of the features, design, and construction elements are still applicable to the Yacht-Master versions. Try not to confuse this watch with the Rolex Yacht-Master II which is sequel to the original.


The Yacht-Master Ref. 116622 can only be described as cool, calm and collected. The hint of almost-iridescent blue will likely catch the eye of many Rolex enthusiasts. As far as overall aesthetics go, this Rolex is an absolute stunner. This steel and platinum Yacht-Master comes with dark rhodium dial and soft blue highlights. Right off the bat, you can see that there’s a subtle affair going on when compared to its more embellished siblings (see Oysterflex and Rolesor versions). The restrained look can be partly attributed to the dark dial.

The watch features a platinum (Pt950) bi-directional bezel which may seem weird at first but the way it’s configured does make sense. The bi-directional design is utilized for yachting purposes like calculating the sailing time between two buoys. The sand-blasted finish and raised numerals look beautiful and are less direct compared to let’s say, a ceramic. Don’t get me wrong, this Yacht-Master doesn’t look pain at all. The polished bezel and glimmering dial allow the watch to pop where it counts.

And then, there’s the blue highlight. It’s amazing how such a small detail on a line of text and second hand can add so much to the overall look of the watch. The addition of blue highlights to the Yacht-Master gives it so much energy, especially against the dark rhodium dial. This is yet another proof of Rolex’s mastery of attention to detail.

Construction and Wearability

The Rolex Yacht-Master 116622 comes with a stainless steel case with a 40mm platinum bezel. There’s also a 37mm version for the ladies. The case and the bracelet are made from 904L stainless steel while the bezel is made from 950 platinum. This, of course, ensures the highest sense of luxury while keeping the watch tough as nails.

The screw-down crown is equipped with Triplock triple waterproofness system which is great if you’re always around water (like while yachting). Water resistance is up to 100 meters / 330 feet. The crystal is made from scratch-resistant sapphire which gets the job done.

All Yacht-Master 40 features the Oyster Bracelet which provides the much-needed balance of aesthetics, comfort, and function. There’s also the standard Oysterlock folding clasp and the Easylink comfort extension like, features that are proprietary to Rolex. All of these features ensure the best fit and comfort that you can expect from the Rolex brand.


For the uninitiated, Rolex has ditched the COSC certifications for their movements and replaced it with their new Rolex Superlative Chronometer certification which guarantees accuracy within -2/+2 sec/day after casing. This accuracy is guaranteed for five years. This Rolex Yacht-Master is equipped with the same 3135 movement. In terms of timekeeping features, there’s nothing much to be said here except it’s Rolex – expect top-of-the-line accuracy.

Rolex Submariner Review

Now, let’s move on to an iconic dive watch. Many watch collectors consider the Rolex Submariner as a quintessential timepiece. Introduced in 1954, the Submariner is a cornerstone of Rolex’s stable. Let’s take a look at what this legendary watch can offer. For this review, we’ll be using the No-Date Reference 114060.


The Submariner comes in a 40mm stainless steel case. It is worth noting that the 114060 comes in a slightly squared design, along with thicker lugs. This gives the Submariner a more eye-catching look, although there are still many who prefer the thinner lugs on the older versions. If you prefer a more robust and tougher appearance for your Submariner, this model should not disappoint.

The unidirectional bezel is fitted with ceramic bezel insert. This is quite a notable change since previous models have aluminum ones. However, you’ll be happy to know that the new ceramic bezel makes it more scratch-resistant. I also like the ceramic because it gives off a nice glow under certain lighting conditions. The bezel also has engravings which provide a nice texture and depth.

The Submariner comes in the instantly recognizable black dial. The indices are larger and are fitted with Chromalight (so it glows in the dark). The markers are outlined with 18K white gold frame. Overall, the dial looks very crisp and legible which is never a bad thing if you use this bad boy for diving purposes. As far as looks go, this watch is about as classic as it gets.

Construction and Wearability

The Submariner is water resistant up to 300 meters (1,000 feet). The middle case is made from 904L corrosive resistant steel which is also used in other industries like high technology and aerospace. The 904L steel is also highly polishable so it retains its beauty even after many years of usage. The winding crown is fitted with the proprietary TRIPLOCK triple waterproofness system. The crown is protected by the crown guard that brings the middle case altogether.

The watch is fitted with the familiar solid-link OYSTER bracelet which is also crafted from 904L steel. The clasp features the proprietary Folding Oysterlock safety clasp with Rolex Glidelock extension system. This enables you to adjust the watch by 2mm increments up to 20mm to achieve the best fit and comfort. Personally, the Submariner is just a timepiece that I could wear at all times without needing to take it off.


For the timekeeping features, the Submariner doesn’t offer much but more than makes up for reliable and accurate timekeeping. The Submariner is powered by 3135 caliber, a self-winding movement for the timekeeping features and allows -2/+2 sec/day accuracy. Like the Yacht-Master, the Submariner 114060 has the Superlative Chronometer certification (COSC + Rolex certification after casing). All of these components make for a robust and reliable timepiece.

Head to Head

So which one do I recommend, the Yacht-Master or Submariner? Well, if it’s up to me, I will get both because both of these watches do complement each other. But if you just have to choose one, you can’t go wrong with the Submariner. However, I do understand that it can be difficult to choose between the two Rolexes since they’re very similar.

If you’re going to compare both watches side-by-side, you’ll see that the Submariner’s movement gives a thicker caseback, compared to the Yacht-Master which is noticeably thinner. In terms of style, I feel that the Yacht-Master is the dressier of the two. While wearing, the Submariner feels heavier than the Yacht-Master.

When it comes to the bezel, I noticed that the Submariner feels more solid while the Yacht-Master doesn’t have much click in comparison. I don’t really like the 0 to 15 minute marker of the Yacht-Master bezel. The platinum bezel of Yacht-Master will likely collect scratches and dings over time. On the other hand, Submariner’s ceramic bezel is tougher and more resistant to scratches. Just avoid slamming your Submariner into a hard surface.

Another thing that I’m not crazy about the Yacht-Master is legibility. It could take about half a second for the eyes to distinguish the hands against the darker dial. It’s a good thing that the blue highlight stands out well against the rhodium background. The Submariner has the better legibility between the two.


Lastly, you can’t really compare these two without mentioning the price. The Yacht-Master is more expensive than the Submariner by approximately several thousand dollars. So is it worth it to get the Yacht-Master with such a huge price difference? I think not but that’s only because both watches are very similar. However, this doesn’t mean that the Yacht-Master is not an excellent watch.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned, both the Submariner and Yacht-Master are excellent high-end timepieces. Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with choosing either one. However, in my opinion, it’s hard to justify the price difference when both watches are very similar. Although the Yacht-Master is the more luxurious of the two, the Submariner wins for being the tougher and more legible piece. If you’re looking to get your first Rolex and budget is an issue, I highly recommend the Rolex Submariner.

Detomaso Milano Chronograph Watch Review

If you are looking for a timepiece that sports a timeless, classic design, then there’s a lot to love about the DETOMASO Milano chronograph. The Milano is about as classic as you can get when it comes to watch designs. It looks sharp and elegant and has benefited from excellent craftsmanship. Going by its classic no-nonsense approach, the watch doesn’t have that much to offer in terms of features. However, this is an excellent watch that you can wear from everyday wear to suited events. Read below as we go in-depth on what the Detomaso Milano Chronograph Watch can offer.

Short Introduction to Detomaso

Detomaso is a watch company founded in 1993 and based in Germany. Detomaso mainly makes watches for men and has an impressive collection that draws its inspiration from the fashion of Italy and the excitement of motorsports world. This is why you’ll see that most of the company’s timepieces are designed around raw masculinity.

The company’s main mission is to create accurate and functional watches for male-dominated areas like the mechanic’s workshop, industrial job sites, and the race track. Detomaso offers watches that cover a wide range of aesthetics from space-age designs to the refined, classic look.

Detomaso is not exactly the most popular brand out there but there are some impressive models offered in their collection.


The Detomaso Milano arrived in a rather slick black box with the Detomaso logo emblazoned on the front. Inside the box, you’ll find a gunmetal tin that houses the watch itself. The tin contains a foam insert where the watch is embedded, a standard protective method so the product doesn’t get damaged during shipping. The face of the watch is covered by a see-through cover for scratch protection.

Inside the box, you’ll also find a guarantee card where you can input your personal details and be entitled to a 2-year warranty. Lastly, there’s a handy, multi-lingual instruction booklet which provides information on how to set the watch, general maintenance, and how to change the batteries. Make sure you stash these documentations for safekeeping.

While it’s a perfectly good packaging, I would rather have a travel zipper case or watch roll. This way, there will be more functionality for storing the watch than the standard watch box.

Design Elements

As mentioned, the Detomaso Milano is for men who are looking for a timeless, classically-designed watch. The no-nonsense approach is a perfect match from business meetings to suited events. Let’s take a closer look at the Milano’s design elements.

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Watch Face

Right from the get-go, you’ll be greeted by styling-looking Chronograph timepiece. The Milano is all about the classic look which is further reinforced by the clean lines in the face. The 12-hour clock display doesn’t have actual printed numbers but instead replaced with lines.

The bezel is lined with gold casting which gives it an elegant look. The hour lines, hands, and the three smaller dials are all outlined in gold. However, I’ve been reading that other variants of Milano have different design schemes. The watch face is encased in a tough mineral glass which to my experience, provides a good deal of protection from scratches and hard impacts.


The watch is all tied up with a calf-skin leather strap and a buckle. The strap’s exterior sports a cracked leather pattern which gives the timepiece a sophisticated, worn look. The interior is colored red which seems to be a common design element present in all Detomaso Milano Chronographs.

The type of leather used in the Milano will surely crease with regular usage. However, I like the type of leather used here as the worn-out look will only add character to the watch and is quite in line with elegant aesthetic that Detomaso is going for.

Comfort and Wearability

Considering that the strap is made of leather, the Milano is surprisingly comfortable to wear. I prefer to wear watches with metal bands especially when it gets very humid. However, the leather strap of the Milano has managed to adequately seal the humidity and sweat which really enhances the overall comfort of the piece. It’s also a good thing If you think that the leather strap is a deal-breaker, you’ll be pleased to know that the watch is also available in steel bands.

The Milano weighs about 58 grams which is just the right weight and didn’t make my wrist feel tired after wearing it for prolonged time periods. The case diameter is 40 mm which for me is just the perfect size although I don’t have the biggest hands. With that size, readability has never been an issue for me.

Timekeeping Features

The watch comes equipped with quartz 8172-220 movement made by Swiss manufacturer ISA. The ISA movement is a very decent one and as far as accuracy goes, I have no complaints. I always prefer quartz movement as it is just a more reliable and accurate way to tell time when compared to mechanical ones.

One feature that I do enjoy is that the main second hand resets. Other movements tend to “snap” the second counter back in place. In case of the ISA 8172, the second hand slowly resets back in position.

As a chronograph, the Milano actually delivers. The stopwatch works as advertised. There’s also the standard date, separate seconds, and weekday display – nothing much I can comment about these features except that they do serve their purpose.

As far as timekeeping features go, the Detomaso Milano is about as bare-bones as you can get. So that’s one way of saying that it doesn’t offer much in terms of features. However, the lack of features just go in-line with the no-nonsense approach of this timepiece.

Durability and Maintenance

For the price, the Detomaso Milano looks and feels like a high-quality piece. The watch face itself still remains pristine despite a few bumps. To be fair, I’ve only used the Milano for casual purposes and not for anything remotely athletic. The strap itself feels secure at first but with repeated use, I found that it has turned quite flimsy over time. I’m afraid I might have to consider getting a replacement band soon.

As an added bonus, the watch is water resistant up to 165 feet and is rated at 5 ATM. Apparently, the Milano is good enough for a swim and showering. However, I would not dare use it while showering or going for a swim due to the leather strap. The water resistance did come in handy during rainy weather (especially that I’m on Pacific Northwest). But feel free to use this watch for swimming, snorkeling, and other water-related activities.

Maintenance is also not a big issue since quartz watches tend to have a longer battery life when compared to mechanical ones. I’ve been doing some research and found that the ISA caliber 8172 movement can be replaced very inexpensively.

Price Point

I have the DT1052-I MILANO model. I wouldn’t be surprised if other models (there’s a total of 17 Milano models available) will command a higher price point but not by much. In my opinion, that is a very good price especially considering what you’ll be getting out of the box. There are some quality issues with regards to the strap which is unfortunate because there’s seems to be no official replacements from Detomaso. Trust me, I’ve looked hard!

At this price, you’re definitely getting the value for your money. Just don’t expect a wide range of features and durability that you can get from higher-end chronographs.

Should You Buy the Detomaso Milano Chronograph Watch?

If I’m going to describe the Detomaso Milano Chronograph in one word, that would be “competent.” The gold casting and leather strap really bring it all together to achieve an antique vintage look. The watch face oozes with refined Italian charm and is accompanied with purposeful functionality. If you are not happy with this design, you have 16 other models to choose with different colors and bands.

The ISA 8172 quartz movement gave the watch the much-needed accuracy and reliability. However, aside from what you can get from a standard chronograph, there’s not much that you can expect here in terms of timekeeping features. With that said, this is a classic straightforward timepiece that you can just wear and forget.

Aside from the lack of features, there are some areas of the Milano where the quality is spotty, particularly with the strap. With repeated use, the strap in my watch has creased and has become quite flimsy. I don’t really mind the overall look but I’m worried that the strap might snap. This would not be a major issue if only Detomaso has released official replacement bands for purchase. However, I imagine this would not be an issue if you buy a model with stainless steel bands like the DETOMASO DT1052-N MILANO Chronograph Watch.

The Bottom Line

The Detomaso Milano doesn’t rank high up there with my favorites. However, there’s definitely a great value to be found here. For a chronograph in this price range, it’s impressive what Detomaso has accomplished with the Milano Chronograph Watch. This timepiece is an easy recommendation for men who are looking for a classic, elegant watch without breaking the bank.

Hamilton Khaki Field Watch Review

image of the Hamilton Khaki Field Watch

Introducing the Hamilton Khaki watch! A great rendering of the Hamilton name, that is one of the top field watches on the market. Field watches may not be as clearly defined as a diver watch or a pilot, there are some qualities that stand out such as the legibility, moderately sized case and hand winding mechanics are main indicators of a “field” watch. The Hamilton Khaki watch is a fantastic timepiece that is durable, functions well and is VERY affordable.

Brief History of Hamilton

Hamilton is one of those brands that has quite a history behind the name. Dating as far back as 1912. The Hamilton watch brand was so popular, that they were actually a supplier to the US Armed Forces. One of the main reasons this was so, was because Hamilton was headquartered in America. These were some of the best automatic watches actually made in the United States.

Hamilton watches continued to be made in the United States until 2003, when they moved their headquarters to Biel, Switzerland. Moving to Switzerland was a great choice for marketing because Swiss watches are known to be the best-made watches in the world. So taking a haul over to Europe may have been one of the best decisions the brand has made.

Design and Innovation

Purchasing a field watch is a great step into the watch collecting crew. These watches are a great “starter” watch, you can say, that feature durable cases and a classic, yet plain design. Since a field watch does not have really any specific purpose, well other than to tell the time of course! But don’t expect to climb Mount Everest or go scuba diving with this watch.

Like previously mentioned, the design of the Khaki is quite plain. The stainless steel case and black,(or green) dial, do give the watch a bold look. It’s definitely a watch with a military presence to it. This is true, especially, if you opt for a green dial with the green canvas strap.

Quality case

The case is a nice size of 38mm. For this type of watch, it is a perfect sized case on any wrist, unless you have any relation to Sasquatch. With a case of this size, the time is very readable, but does not stick out on the wrist and offers a good fit and is quite comfortable. The crown has deep carvings that are very easy to grip and wind when in need. There are some models with a 44mm case. Opt for the larger 44mm case if you have superhero-sized wrists (just kidding), or if you prefer larger cases.

Hamilton uses a slightly domed sapphire crystal to protect the dial. I prefer the sapphire, to cheaper acrylics that are used for most watches around this price point. The sapphire is also scratch resistant, this feature is pretty reliable, but don’t go rubbing your watch on rocky surfaces and jagged edges just to make sure! I’d say it works great for a few falls, but its not the most durable crystal in the world! The watch also has a polished stainless steel bezel just complimenting the case and inner dial perfectly!

Green or Black Dial

Are you going green or are you going black? Or are you just going to get both?


If you want to know my opinion (and I know everyone wants to know that), I would go with black. The green watch is a dark, military, tank type color. Since I’m not out on the battlefield, or participating in any activity that involves camouflage or guns, I think black is more suiting for me. The black dial is handsome and goes with anything you decide to wear. Black dial watches just look great to. They create a bold look, and with the Hamilton Khaki, the black dial assists to make the large, white numerals and hands jump out of the watch.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some green. My goal is to make large sums of it everyday. But on a watch, I can’t say the same. This is not a watch I would wear out with any outfit. Maybe if I got it as a gift I would wear it out for hikes, but thats about it. The black dial, in contrast, can be worn with almost any casual outfit.


Now let it be known that the Khaki has both an automatic movement as well as a mechanical (self-winding) watch model. Both movements by Hamilton offer pretty good reliability. One of the only downsides, to some people, is the process of winding your watch with a mechanical. I, personally, actually find the mechanical to be very interesting and reliable. Just think, you are actually a reason why your watch is functioning properly, you might as well be a watch maker yourself!

Ok, I may have went to far with that one. But, its true. I do enjoy self winding watches.

Mechanical (Manual) Khaki

You can never go wrong with a self winding watch. You own the control. Now, this may be a downside to those who forget to wind their watches. So go for a manual wind if you are the type of person who runs of a to do list.

As for reliability, Hamilton did a good job on this one. At most you may be -4/+6 seconds off a day. So if you run off a schedule that has a meeting every fifth second, you may be late to some meetings. But if your a normal person, a few second difference a day is not drastic. You will notice the time keeping is great and reliable. At this price point you tend to find watches that need to be reset every other day. The Hamilton Khaki, on the other hand, has very precise hands!

The specifications of the inside of the watch are complex. A Swiss made ETA caliber 2804-2. Ranked as a mid-grade movement, I would call it an upper-mid grade piece. Many owners swear by the precision, so the movement is obviously more than a simple mid-grade. I would call most movements on Seiko watches to be mid-grade.


Simplicity is almost a must in modern day society. So stop lying to your self and just go with the automatic piece. Just imagine not having to wind a little crown up to 20 times at once! What are we in the Stone age?

All puns aside you do get a bit more precision on the Hamilton automatic pieces. Most of the automatic pieces are newer models, therefore, using more high-grade gear. The ETA caliber 2824-2 is known to many as a high class, top of the line movement.

It is a 25 Jewel movement that runs at 28,800 BPH. A BPH at this caliber is what you expect from an expensive Omega or Rolex, so just know you are getting quite the deal on this one!


Field watches are known to be durable, they were used in times of war, keep that in mind. So for everyday wear, expect your watch to be able and take on almost any activity you throw at it!

First off most of the time your Hamilton will a leather or canvas strap. Pros of having these types of bracelets are comfort, no scratches and a classic field watch look. Stainless steel bands are available for these watches, it is just not classic to wear this type of bracelet with your field watch, just know they do exist.

See, I told you.

The case is consistently durable, you have a strong stainless steel case and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The watch even has up to five meters of water resistance. Don’t expect to go swimming all the time,I would not recommend that. But it will definitely be fine in rain, shower or any other moderate water activities. I personally own a Rolex Submariner, that can withstand much more water, yet I still take it off when I shower. Just respect your watch.

So overall the Hamilton Khaki models are durable. I’d say to purchase a few Hamilton khaki bands, so that your bracelets stay in good condition and you can swap them out on a regular basis.

Why You Should Buy A Hamilton Khaki

In no way is the Hamilton Khaki one of my favorite watches. But thats not saying much because I have expensive taste in watches. However, for the price of Hamilton Khaki models, I do recommend these timepieces. They use great movements inside the watch for spot on reliability, a decent look, a bit plain but with a bold classic feel to it. At the end of the day the Hamilton Khaki models are field watches. Their purpose being to provide users with accurate time, while being able to be worn throughout the day in many causal and extracurricular activities.

When it comes down to which exact model is the best.I’ll leave that to you. In my opinion, the Hamilton Khaki reference H70555533 automatic.

Since the Khaki is so affordable, I may decide to add this watch above to my collection. It can definitely be worn as an everyday watch while I am out biking or hiking.

Whats your favorite Hamilton Khaki model?

The JLC Master Chronograph Vs The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona: Two Watches On A Race To The Finish Line

image of the stylish rolex daytona watch

When searching for a watch, you may want something that is not only luxurious but also performs well in a variety of settings. A luxury watch can be the kind of device that you only wear to parties or special occasions, but it can also be the kind of timepiece that has a place in more active, physically demanding settings. You may be the kind of person that often sees themselves going right from a sophisticated gala to a dip in the ocean or someone who often transitions from wanting to turn heads to wanting to go on an adventure. Your day-to-day life will play a crucial role in what kind of watch you end up purchasing, and luckily there are a variety of devices that can easily fit your needs.

We had a chance to take a look at two very high-quality watches, and gave each one a comprehensive review to see which was a better choice. First we looked at the Jaeger-Lecoultre Master Chronograph and found it to be a well-made timepiece with a quality integration of comfort, performance and aesthetics.

In addition to the Jaeger-Lecoultre Master Chronograph we also were able to check out the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. We found the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona to be the better of the two, but only by a small margin. We found the overall design to be both luxurious as well as functional in a way that the Jaeger-Lecoultre Master wasn’t. The Rolex was more durable, had more features and also had a look that was eye-catching and unforgettable.

Each watch was very impressive in its own right. However, when it comes to a large investment like a watch, every little detail counts. While it only prevailed because of a few minor details, the Cosmograph Daytona still surpassed the Master Chronograph, making it our top pick of the two.


Rolex Cosmograph Daytona


Originally released in 1963 to aid professional drivers in their timekeeping, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is a versatile, sleek watch that can be worn on just about any occasion. The reliable chronograph lets avid drivers measure time at extremely fast speeds, and its design gives it the appearance of a watch that one might want to wear with a tuxedo or suit. Its bracelet is extremely durable, comfortable and had a powerful feel to it that came as a result of the rare materials in its construction. The face is also elegant, well-equipped, and compliments the overall look of the watch.


Rolesor Construction

The materials that go into a watch’s construction are extremely important. Rolex has traditionally made use of a blend of metals referred to as “Rolesor.” It is also referred to as “two-tone” or “half gold/half steel” in other watch brands. When it comes to Rolex watches, the term “Rolesor” is used to describe the combination of stainless steel and 18 karat gold. You’ll find this blend of metals on the Rolex Daytona in both the 40mm case and the bracelet. We felt that it was the right choice for a timepiece that is designed to not only function under extreme conditions but also look great while the owner has it on.


Black Dial

The dial on the Rolex Daytona is black and all of the counters are clearly visible with raised yellow Arabic markers. However, the outer-rim of markers is labeled by the chronograph itself. You’ll be able to monitor the 1/8 second with seconds hand, and the two additional counters on the display allow for monitoring elapsed hours and minutes. For drivers looking to monitor their track times, we found the look and functionality of the dial to be essential.


Oyster Bracelet

The Rolex Daytona also has an Oyster Bracelet which is unique to the Rolex brand. It is a very sturdy, comfortable build that involves the use of three-piece links for extra security and a fit that accommodates the wrist shape of the user. The center links are yellow gold, and the two outer links are stainless steel–a result of the watch’s unique Rolesor blend of metals.

4130 Movement

Last but not least, the Cosmograph Daytona has a built-in 4130, self-winding mechanical chronograph movement. It’s an extremely economical movement, and makes use of significantly fewer parts than some other chronographs on the market. It is a certified Swiss chronometer and has been rigorously tested by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. It also has a Parachrom hairspring, which promises better resistance to shocks and temperature changes.



We couldn’t really find much we didn’t like about the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, other than that the dial seemed to be a bit overloaded. Considering that it’s the kind of watch designed for those who may want to use it while driving, the face is packed with a lot to just glance at. While the counters are fairly clear, you’ll still have to take a second to figure out where everything is located. It was a minor issue, and would be hard to avoid on any watch, but it was still worth noting.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Chronograph


The Jaeger-LeCoulter Master Chronograph has a stripped down design that, while stylish, left a lot to be desired. The 40 mm case and bezel are both made of stainless steel, the dial is silvered with a glistening sun-ray brush, and the strap is leather with a belt-loop style fastener. It also has additional counters on the face for the date, hour and the minute.


Leather Strap

The strap on the Master Chronograph is leather, and while it is slightly more comfortable than a metal bracelet, it had us worried about wear and tear. The leather is stitched on either side which was aesthetically pleasing, but it seemed like the stitching could fray over time. Considering that the watch has a chronograph and will probably be used more frequently than some other luxury watches, the leather strap seemed like more of a downside even though it did add a unique element of style to the timepiece.


1000 Hours Control Test

The Master Chronograph has a 1000 Hours Control Seal, which means that it has undergone a rigorous series of tests. These tests check for things like precision in rate, temperature, pressure adaptability, resistance to shocks and magnetism, as well as the waterproof capabilities of the timepiece. Jaeger-LeCoultre also tests the movement of the watch for accuracy and precision before fully sealing it into the watch case.


You’ll find an automatic, self-winding movement with 277 parts and a 65-hour power reserve. There are also 28800 jewels a 39 barrel. The movement is Swiss-made and requires a single start-up. You’ll have to turn the compression key counterclockwise a few times, and then the watch will be automatically wound whenever you wear it.



You’ll be able to choose between two different types of dials, but each of them have very similar color schemes. The first has dual skeletonized baton hands, and the second has a recto hand. Each dial has silvered, black transferred numerals, with blue numerals inside the counters. Also, the hour markers as well as the numbers on the tachymetre are also blue.


The biggest downsides to the Master Chronograph were the leather strap, as well as the blue, silver and black color scheme. We felt that the leather strap reduced the watch’s overall durability, and opened it up to unnecessary or otherwise preventable wear and tear. The blue and black color scheme on the dial also gave the watch a much less elegant overall look. It almost, at times, seemed to be reminiscent of cheaper copy or counterfeit devices. We would have liked for the colors to be a bit more consistent to give the watch a classier, more sophisticated look. As far as the bracelet was concerned, leather can certainly be a durable material, but considering the nearly 10,000 dollar price tag of this watch, we felt that a stainless steel band would have been a better, more long-lasting choice.

Racing Watches: A Brief History

One of the original reasons for the development of performance watches was to give drivers something they could rely on during motorsports. Racing depends on extremely accurate timekeeping, making the need for a reliable timepiece very important. If a watch broke down or stopped working at high speeds, a driver would have no way to record lap times, race times or other important information.

Modern professional drivers may not use watches to record their own racing information, but the use of a “racing watch” has become somewhat of a tradition. In fact, many racecar drivers are still sponsored by watchmakers like Timex and Tag Heuer. Wearing a wristwatch while racing is as much practical as it is historic, and it dates back to 1894.

The 1894 Le Petit Journal (Competition for Horseless Carriages) is considered to be one of the world’s first motor races. The lack of a viable timekeeping method caused there to be an inaccurate record of race times, which sparked the need for a solution.

Finally, in the 1930’s wristwatches became commonplace in motorsports. Rolex was one of the first watchmakers to begin manufacturing timepieces designed for racers. In fact, when racer Sir Malcolm Campbell set a new land speed record at Bonneville in 1935, he sent Rolex a letter thanking them for their reliable Oyster model.

Since then, other watchmakers have begun staking their claim in the racing business. Omega, Rolex, Timex and Hublot have all, at one point, been official timekeepers of Formula One racing. Racecar drivers may not be as concerned with the performance of their individual watches as they once were, but the tradition of timekeeping during races still stands. Investing in a timepiece that is built to perform at high speeds is not only useful but also gives each owner a small piece of history.

Final Thoughts

Both of these timepieces are exceptional—there’s no question there. However, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona was simply a better blend of style, elegance and performance. It did all of the things that the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch did when it came to accurately tracking time, but it did so in a design that, to the untrained eye, seemed like it actually put luxury over performance. We also thought that the movement was more efficient and would require less maintenance over time as a result of the more stripped-down construction.

The Jager-LeCoultre lost some points because of its leather bracelet, its color scheme as well as its overall lack of robustness. If it came at lower price point it would be just fine, but considering that you’ll pay nearly 10,000 for it, you should be able to expect a little bit more. Make no mistake, the Jager-LeCoultre is still a contender against many other performance watches out there, but in a race between the two, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona reached the finish line first.

Best Vibrating Alarm Watch: Discrete Reminders Right From Your Wrist

Are you that deep of a sleeper that standard alarm clocks are not effective anymore? Perhaps, you are someone who is hard of hearing? Or you just want to be notified in private for things like appointments, medication and more, without disturbing anyone? Well, it looks like you could use the best vibrating alarm watch.

The concept of a vibrating alarm watch can be quite foreign or even downright pointless for many people. When you think about it, it’s actually a pretty neat concept. Deep sleepers can use these timepieces to wake them up without disturbing their companion. Hearing impaired folks will have a reliable way to remind themselves by wearing these alarm watches. Or you just want to be stealthily notified with regards to things like appointments, meetings, deadlines, and even just your favorite TV show.

When looking for the ideal vibrating alarm watches, they need to be well-made, durable, stylish and packed with other relevant features. With that said, our top pick is the Casio Men’s W735H-1AVCF Super Illuminator Watch for its functional features, durability, rugged design and great price. It’s hard to go wrong with this watch but if you are looking for more options, I have handpicked a couple of models just for you.

Best Vibrating Watches

1. Casio Men’s W735H-1AVCF Super Illuminator Watch

The Casio Men’s W735H-1AVCF Super Illuminator Watch is my top pick for the best vibrating alarm watch. This is a tough vibrating watch that delivers in terms of features. Plus, it’s a great option for the budget-conscious.

Why is it the top pick?

Durable and Rugged Design

It’s always best to invest in a timepiece that is both functional and durable. The Casio W735H-1AVCF is made of 44 mm resin case which provides solid durability while keeping things lightweight. The ribbed wristband is quite flexible and is made from resin as well. It also comes with a standard buckle clasp for securing the watch to your wrist. Like most watches of this kind, the band can be easily replaced.

Wrapped around the mineral dial window is the stationery resin bezel. The mineral dial window is fairly scratch-resistant but do not expect that it’s as strong as models with sapphire crystal window. The watch has a fairly large window and the digital display is easy to read. The watch is also water resistant and I didn’t have to take it off when showering.

Overall, in terms of durability and ruggedness, the Casio W735H-1AVCF delivers.


Right off the bat, you can see that this the Casio W735H-1AVCF is a stylish watch. The large dial and the masculine lines make it a good choice for daily casual wear and mild sporting activities.

Timekeeping Features

Although it’s not the most feature-packed timepiece available, the W735H-1AVCF Super Illuminator Watch has enough bells and whistles for accurate timekeeping. There’s the second time zone feature that can be added if you’re a traveler. There’s also a stopwatch that provides 1/100 sec through 24-hour functions. Other features include 12/24-hour timekeeping and automatic calendar.

Of course, I have to mention the vibration alarm feature which happens to be my favorite function. It’s a great feature for discretely receiving reminders or any other things that you set an alarm for. The vibration is not the strongest but I have used it for quick naps with good results.

Budget Friendly

At this price, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a durable vibrating alarm watch with a decent list of features. The 10-year battery life could also mean that you’ll have this watch for a long time. With that in mind, this is the main reason why it’s my top pick for the best vibrating alarm watch. The W735H-1AVCF Super Illuminator Watch offers good value for your money.


As mentioned, the Casio W735H-1AVCF watch doesn’t have the strongest vibration. The watch worked for light naps but I won’t recommend it for waking up in the morning or for deep sleepers. Another downer is that you can only set a single alarm for the day. Other similar watches can set multiple alarms for the day.

The band is also far from the best as they may break sooner than you might expect. For some people, the plastic strap can also be uncomfortable.

2. Timex Men’s T49851 Expedition Vibration Alarm Black Resin Strap Watch

Best if you want a mid-range option:

If you are looking for a vibrating alarm watch with more features and a stronger vibration, the Timex Men’s T49851 Expedition Vibration Alarm Black Resin Strap Watch is a good alternative to the top pick. It has a great list of features and is ideal for outdoor activities.


For a slightly more expensive model, the Timex T49851 Expedition Watch sure comes with great features. It has that classic Timex look with a widely versatile appeal. The rugged design and durable construction makes it an ideal timepiece for everyday wear. The display is clear and easy to read. It looks great and can withstand tough daily wear-and-tear.

The watch comes with timekeeping features such as 100-hour chronograph, 24-hour countdown timer, dual mode alarm, hydration alarm, Indiglo night mode and more. It’s also water-resistant up to 330 ft. As for its key feature, you’ll be pleased to know that the Timex T49851 Expedition Watch features strong vibrations. That’s right, this is perfect for waking up in the morning without disturbing your companion.

For the reasonable price range, the Timex T49851 Expedition Watch is an easy recommendation if you want a model with a wide range of features and strong vibration alarm.


The resin strap can break in a couple of years. Fortunately, you can easily replace the straps with little to no difficulty. Also, the strap isn’t the most comfortable especially for extended use. Lastly, the user interface is not the most intuitive which makes programming the watch is a bit tricky.

3. VibraLITE 8 – Vibrating Reminder Watch

Best if you want a dedicated alarm watch:

The VibraLITE 8 – Vibrating Reminder Watch with Black Silicone Strap is a good pick if you’re looking for a dedicated for a model that is built around the vibrating alarm feature. It features a slick, sporty aesthetic and an easy to use interface which is great for those who are looking for a dedicated alarm watch.


The VibraLITE 8 Watch is about as straightforward as you can get when it comes to vibrating alarm watches. I love the minimalist look. The oversized, clear, digital display lets you know the information you need at first glance. This timepiece is a breeze to program and I had it running just moments out of the box. I have been wearing the VibraLITE 8 for the longest time and I’ve come to appreciate the no-nonsense approach.

The best thing about the VibraLITE 8 is that you can set up to 8 alarms daily. Each alarm lasts up to 20 seconds and can be easily turned off by pressing any button. This is a great feature and I’ve used it to remind myself of things like taking medications or drinking a glass of water for hydration. You can toggle to use vibrations or sound (beeps). There are also the standard countdown timer and stopwatch features.


The VibraLITE 8 is not exactly cheap as it retails for more than others on this page. Also, the nightlight doesn’t do a very good job of illuminating the watch. I really struggled using the watch at night and you need to view it from a certain angle. Lastly, it could definitely use a bump in terms of durability because it felt rather flimsy at times.

4. WobL 8 Alarm Vibrating Reminder Watch

Best if you want kid-friendly watch:

The WobL 8 Alarm Vibrating Reminder Watch is a solid timepiece for kids and small adults. Its features allow a great deal of versatility so you can use it for potty reminders, hearing and visually impaired, timed medication, ADHD/ADD, and more.


The WobL Watch is touted to be the smallest vibrating alarm watch and I agree. The watch has a small profile with a sporty look – perfect for kids. The watch features 8 individual alarms which can be toggled to vibrate, sound or both. The vibration is quite strong and the beep is not distracting. The vibration settings are a nice touch but it’s nothing too extensive. The vibrating alarm is a great way to keep your children stay on top of their tasks.

The WobL Watch also features a countdown timer which has a useful auto-reset feature. There is also the stopwatch mode which works as advertised. The lockout feature enables you to lock the settings and make sure that your kid doesn’t make any accidental changes. Lastly, the watch is 3 ATM Water resistant which is good for the occasional accidental splashing but not for prolonged submersion.


The first thing that comes to mind is that the watch is not easy to program. The interface can be rather unwieldy so make sure you don’t lose the manual. Once you get the hang of it, programming this watch should be a cinch. Battery life is also disappointing as my unit’s battery only lasted about 3 months. That’s not a problem if battery replacement isn’t so tedious which requires you to remove five very small screws.

5. Fitbit Charge HR, Blaze, Iconic and (Fitbit Charge 3)

Charge 3

Charge 2

The Fitbit watches go well beyond simply vibrating and some do it better than others. They track calories, steps, heart rate and integrates with the Fitbit App to provide amazing reports of your progress.

The Fitbit Charge 3 is the newest of the family and it is unclear how strong the vibration will be. The Fitbit Charge 2 had pretty weak vibrations, generating many complaints from customers that they weren’t being wakened by the watch and sometimes weren’t aware of incoming texts.

The original Fitbit Charge HR has a nice strong vibration.

However, the Fitbit Iconic and Fitbit Blaze both have strong vibration capability. You’ll have to research the other features to actually choose one based on the smart-watch and fitness related capabilities. But that’s the scoop on vibration.



These watches are on our list because the multi-functionality makes for a cost-effective purchase when you can avoid the cost separate health trackers and get a nice watch in the process.


  • The PurePulse feature is always on tracking heart rate to inform your calorie metabolism
  • Integration with calendars and smartphone incoming texts and calls
  • Vibrating alarm
  • Nighttime sleep monitoring
  • GPS to provide accurate location, route and distance data for fitness training and analytics
  • Wireless connection to both iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Many variations of physical activity monitoring like steps, floors climbed and calories burned


The one primary downside of this watch is the cost. It delivers a great deal of functionality in its price tag and small form, but it is pricey if you really only need a vibrating alarm watch.

6. Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch

The Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch is about twice as expensive as the Expedition Classic but has some great additional features.

The watch is built tough and is a work-horse in and out of the elements.


The Expedition Grid Shock watch is first of all, shockproof (technically, shock resistant). It has a stainless steel top plate.

While it does vibrate it also has a stopwatch, countdown timer, and will drop you hydration alerts.

The large screen makes it very easy to read all the numbers, and the characters themselves have very crisp definition.

The time and other settings can be adjusted both forward and backward, so you don’t have to cycle all the way around if you don’t stop on the right number.


This watch can be scratched rather easily since the bevel isn’t elevated much above the face of the watch. This can be fixed with a screen protector which doesn’t come with the watch. Better to get the protector on soon after you buy so you don’t regret it later.

7. G-SHOCK Men’s GD 350 Watch

The G-SHOCK Men’s GD 350 Watch is another super tough watch. It is actually rated for more shock resistance than the Expedition Grid watch above and is water resistant to 200 meters depth.


 The G-SHOCK lights up at night and has a large clear viewport for the daytime.

It boasts a world clock which can be set for any of the world’s time zones.

Up to 4 different daily alarms may be set and the alarms can announce themselves in different ways. For example, one might be a vibration alarm, another a specific sound or light.

The watch has a batter life of 5 years so you won’t be changing it any time soon.


There is very little negative to say about this watch. Some have complained the vibration didn’t wake them up, but most people are very happy with the vibration strength.

If you only need an alarm watch and aren’t going to be taking your wrist into challenging physical environments, then the Casio or Expedition may be for you.

The Bottom Line

The best vibrating alarm watch is a great tool to help you stay on top of your tasks or just make sure you don’t get late for work. For my top recommendation, the Casio Men’s W735H-1AVCF Super Illuminator Watch is definitely worth checking out for its durable and rugged design, a good set of features and budget-friendly price. However, if you find that my top pick doesn’t meet your needs, feel free to consider my other vibrating alarm watch picks.