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Review of the Jiusko Watch Brand

Top watch by Jiusko
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When you think of quality watchmakers, what regions come to mind? My first guess would be Swiss. And it is true that the Swiss create some excellent watches. What about China? This leads us to today’s Jiusko watch reviews. These Chinese made watches vary in design and style. Overall, most of the watches by Jiusko are very affordable!

Today, I will be doing the Jiusko watch reviews and will recommend what I think are some of the best-valued watches by the brand. Before diving into this review, I must let everyone know my favorite. The Jiusko Tourbillion.

Jiusko makes a great looking, extremely affordable, and comfortable tourbillion and truly exemplifies what it means to be a GREAT Chinese tourbillion watchmaker. Let me get this out of the way quickly. In no way are Jiusko watches top contenders in the watch world. There is no doubt that some are handsome, stylish, and affordable. The handmade element of watchmaking, however, is lacking for the brand. My reviews of each model today will be based on how the watches compare to other Chinese made watches and how the design of some Jiusko watches are very unique. Let’s jump right in!

Jiusko Automatic Dress Watch

Here we have a very attractive timepiece by Jiusko.


A dress watch has one purpose. Well, two actually. One is to look great on the wrist for any formal event. And two is to tell the time (obviously). The Jiusko dress looks FANTASTIC and runs off of a reliable 21 jewel, automatic movement. The watch has a nice sized, 40mm stainless steel case, with a white dial within. A sturdy and durable sapphire crystal protects the dial within. A rose gold bezel as well as rose gold tick marks perfectly compliment the white dial and the dark brown leather strap. Add the favorable skeleton view on the dial, up to 100m of water resistance, and the 24-hour subdial on the face, and you got yourself a great pick up.

Watch for ANY Special Occasion

Jiusko created a beautiful watch with this one. The bright rose gold, and stainless steel coloring definitely can go well with any dress attire.  Wear this watch anytime you want to look good and feel good about what you have on your wrist.

Jiusko “His and Her” Watches

How can I exclude this fabulous combination? I know we don’t all have a special someone, but for those of us who do, this is a great buy! The male watch is fitted with a 38mm case, while the ladies’ timepiece has a 25mm case. Both are extremely thin and comfortable to wear on the wrist. I love the simple design of this model,  making it easy to wear with ANYTHING you can think of! The classic white dial, stainless steel case, and gold “two-toned” contrast go together so well. Think of these as your new everyday couples watches (while single people gag with disgust). But don’t mind those single people, they probably don’t even own a nice watch!

A Perfect Gift

This combination makes for an amazing gift for any couple, newlyweds, or as an anniversary present. The simplicity, yet luxurious look of these watches make them a top choice when it comes to matching “couples” watches. So instead of buying a cringe-worthy gift (matching t-shirts), opt for the Jiusko watches. Especially for the affordable price. Make sure to flaunt your new his and her watches at all social gatherings! It will be a great conversation starter.

Jiusko Tachymeter Chronograph

Sports watch lovers everywhere should peep this watch. At almost half the price of popular sports watches, you have a great looking and very durable piece right here. A 43mm case is matched with a Tachymeter, unidirectional bezel, and a bold, black dial, with small, etched designs within. The chronograph features a Japanese quartz movement. For a quartz movement, it is actually quite reliable. Jiusko claims to have up to three years of battery life with this movement. So reliability is definitely not an issue!

Extreme Durability

Look to purchase this watch if durability is a top priority. The already durable stainless steel case is teamed up with a hard shell storage case, to make the watch insanely strong. Not only is this watch attractive and functional, but it can withstand anything that comes its way.

Jiusko Skeleton Watch

The Chinese sure love their skeleton watches.

Skeleton watches are a great addition to any collection. They look so interesting and give you a look at the complex movement that is running your watch. The Jiusko skeleton is a great choice if you are on the market for a skeleton watch. At first glance, you are intrigued by the beautiful polished silver bracelet. The case is 43mm and features a rounded silver bezel. Highlights include the 36-hour power reserve, 20 jewels automatic movement, and the breathtaking, layered bezel.

Unique Design

Although all skeleton watches give you a peek inside of the watch, something about Jiuskos’ is different. The Jiusko has some quality parts and is able to maintain a dressy look, despite seeing the “soul” of the watch. I also love the comfortable butterfly clasp, to ensure a great fit on any wrist. Overall, the Jiusko skeleton has a futuristic, complex design but somehow pulls off a formal look. I suggest pairing this watch with your favorite business attire or that nice fitted suit you pull out on special occasions.

Jiusko Dive Watch

Dive watches are always a great addition to a review. One thing I must say is I am not in love with the design of this dive watch. To be quite frank it almost looks like a toy. But on the bright side, it has some good specs and a decent price for a dive watch.

One thing that must be mentioned is the impressive movement on this watch. A Japenese, 24-jewel, automatic movement (Seiko NH36 to be exact), a 40-hour power reserve, and an analog display. Another great highlight is the durability of this watch. The watch is built with a titanium case, that is designed to be strong. The silicone band is obviously durable; scratches and dents are not a worry. Although the silicone band adds to the durability, it is not the best-looking addition.

Dive Watch Designed Differently

A few features on this dive watch that are worthy mentions have to be the date sub-dial window. The date sub-dial displays each day of the week on the bottom left of the dial. This is an addition that is not usually on dive watches; so it is definitely an interesting feature of the Jiusko Dive watch.

Jiusko Tourbillion Timepiece

This is hands down my favorite watch by Jiusko. No, it is NOWHERE as cheap as the other watches listed above. But, it is a tourbillion watch. Tourbillions usually cost upwards of 50K!  So in comparison to OTHER tourbillion watches; you can say that the Jiusko is an AMAZING value!

The Tourbillion by Jiusko is a true gem. It is a beautiful timepiece that is crafted with excellent materials. Let it be known, the Jiusko is not HANDCRAFTED and the watchmakers do not pay as much attention to detail as other tourbillions. Not to say the watch is full of flaws. But under a magnifying glass, you can see some minor defects, that would never make it out of the Rolex factory! The moral of this story; do not wear your watch around friends who enjoy using magnifying glasses…

Now for some of the best parts of the watch. So for those who do not know, tourbillion is Chinese,  I mean French for “whirlwind.” The whole point of a tourbillion watch is to utilize a movement that is constantly moving, to be able to prevent gravity from interfering with the accuracy. Meaning it is an INSANELY difficult movement to create. The Jiusko is no exception, it has a top-notch movement inside.

Surprisingly Great Value


The Jiusko Tourbillion is such a great value because of all the great materials used on this timepiece.  A genuine Alligator strap enhances the look of your wrist. Paired with an 18k rose gold bezel, large screw-in crown, and hands within the dial. The rose gold goes perfectly with the white dial and the small, black Roman numeral hour markers.

The watch has such a classic look and looks absolutely great on the wrist.  An anti-reflective sapphire crystal keeps the dial looking clear and prevents you from blinding yourself, or others, when staring at this beauty. All together Jiusko did a great job adding some quality accessories to this watch.

You CAN NOT find a better Tourbillion watch for the price. Cheaper pieces lack the high-grade materials that were used for the Jiusko. If you do end up purchasing, please take good care of your beauty and never feel ashamed that you are not wearing a 6 figure watches. Not all of us can blow a two-year salary on a single watch.

Jiusko Brand Overall

Although the brand has been around since 1990, there is not a lot of buzz regarding Jiusko watches. Mainly because many watch buyers prefer Japanese made watches over Chinese watches. Do not sleep on Jiusko though. It is hard to find watches with nice designs and durable materials for the price point of Jiusko watches.

So is it a yay or nay on the Jiusko brand? I say if you do not have loads of green paper stuffed under your mattress, then yay to Jiusko.

If, on the other hand, you have “money to blow” like my good friend Elon Musk. Go ahead and purchase a watch that costs the same as a Tesla! ?

Happy watch shopping everyone!

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