Eone Bradley Watch Review

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2020)

Today I am going to review a brand that is nothing like the watches that you have come to know and love. Forget all of those ticking hands, sapphire crystals, and basically every other feature that your favorite timepiece has. The watch review featured today comes from somewhere unknown, from a galaxy far far away……

I finally got to use a Star Wars quote in a real-life situation! But in all honesty, this watch looks straight from the Andromeda Galaxy. Eone watch review.

What we have above is the Eone Bradley; a watch line that uses touch as well as sight to tell the time. This means that the visually impaired are able to use this watch, which is one reason why I really love Eone as a brand, despite the odd features.

Eone Watch Review – Eone Bradley History

Before Eone, there were not really any well-functioning watches that could be used by those without sight. The only ones were pieces that used sound and loudly displayed the time to you, but in a noisy matter. Not the best type of watch if you are in a movie theater…

What is even greater about the timepieces is the man behind the name. These watches are named after a USA swimmer, Bradley Snyder. Brad lost his eyesight after being struck by an IED while protecting the United States in Afghanistan. A year after this incident, Brad participated in the 2012 Paralympics in London and WON!

The Eone Bradley brand represents perseverance, determination, and the strength and hope of an American soldier.

Contemporary Design

The design of the Eone Bradley watches is like no other. I would not say it is one of my favorite looks, but I definitely think I could pull it off (and yes you can too)!

The case is made of a strong, sleek, and shiny titanium steel, 40mm in diameter and 11.5 mm thick. So it is a good size, yet the titanium does make it feel larger than the other 40mm cases that I am used to. Nevertheless, it still has a good fit and feels great on the wrist. Some would think the titanium would be uncomfortable due to the large and hard design. Yet it is not even noticeable and feels just fine.

What makes the watch so different from traditional timepieces is the hands; well, lack of hands. On the Eone Bradley, there are two magnetic spheres that are used to tell the time. The sphere on the inner case tells the minutes and the outer sphere tells the hours. With a design like this, the visually impaired can actually “feel” the time. Which is pretty awesome in my opinion.

Customizable Bands

Another feature that makes this model of timepieces so interesting is all of the bands you can choose from.  A steel mesh bracelet is what the watch comes with. This one is my favorite band because it keeps the futuristic and modern look to it. But you can also choose from many other colors and materials like brown leather, yellow-gold steel mesh, black steel mesh, and even textile straps.

Not only is their a strap variation but the watch itself also comes in different colors. You can go back to the basics, and go with an all silver or an all-black case. Or, you can get into colors like rose gold, yellow gold, and even an olive green color. The variety is awesome because it makes you want to own them all (Kinda like Pokemon)! I personally like all of the colorways that Eone offers. Though I must say my favorite is the classic silver color.

An Everyday Watch For Sure

Because this watch is so creative and innovative, yet somehow so modest that it can be worn with literally anything.

Being that the Eone is so versatile, there is no reason why it can not be an everyday watch. Switch up the straps on a daily basis to present a new look, and do not be afraid to throw on the Bradley casual or dress attire.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT be afraid to wear this timepiece with business attire. The Bradley is a FANTASTIC addition to any business outfit and makes the whole look pop! The modern look and handsome titanium and steel-mesh turn necks of anyone who passes by.  I would go as far as to say that this is THE watch to wear when going to a meeting, wedding, or any other professional situation. I say that because the watch is a conversation starter. Not many people know of the Eone brand. So after you let everyone know that you can “see and feel” the time, you will have amazed the whole crowd!


Although the Eone may be a bit large for some females’ wrists it can be worn by anyone. There is no specific gender that these watches are marketed to. I tend to think they have such a terrific design that it does not matter who wears these timepieces; they are truly a work of art.  And with the range of colors and straps, you are sure to find a great combination. Either really pretty or overwhelmingly masculine (men who claim it is not a “unisex watch).

Redefining Durability

Words can not explain how durable this watch is. But I’m just going to have to put it in words.  The titanium steel case is meant to take on anything that comes in its path. The steel is so durable that scratches are a thing of the past. And the steel mesh bracelet. Oh man, you can forget hideous scratches and imperfections on your wrist. Eone Bradley was designed to be a strong, durable watch and the quality of material reflects that to a tee!

Ready to seal the deal. The watch is water-resistant as well…. ?  It is not waterproof though. So do not go scuba diving or simply submerge your wrist underwater to test the durability. That is a no-no.

It is great to know that when you are wearing your Eone Bradley, that it is safe and secure on your wrist. You do not have to worry about annoying scratches, cracks, or anything like that. This is definitely an amazing watch when it comes to being durable.

The steel spheres that tell the time also add to the durability of Eone timepieces.  You can play with the spheres and move them around, shake your wrist or do any other task to try and move those little silver balls. But nothing you do will make them fall out. The magnets inside of the watch are small but TOUGH!


Are you ready? I am going to contradict myself on this one. Usually, I regard the movement very highly when reviewing a watch. I mean, if you are buying a watch, chances are you want to tell time (I’m assuming) unless you are just wearing it for the style.

This is not to say that the Eone uses a “bad” movement. It is just that the movement used is not on par with watches like Rolex, Omega, and Tag Heuer. In defense of the Eone, the watch is much cheaper than these three watches that I just mentioned.

Eone says it uses a Ronda quartz movement with Swiss parts. Ronda is a  is a movement manufacturer that is known to make movements for many different watch brands.  What makes the Eone different from other watches that use Ronda quartz is the ability to use magnets to tell the time, rather than ticking hands.

Inside of the innovative Eone there are two small, but very strong magnets. These magnets keep the metal spheres in place on your watch, despite how many times you try to move them out of place. They will simply move right back in place.

This is a movement that is definitely unique and known to be quite reliable. However, since we do in fact live in a world of magnetic fields; the Eone at times will be affected by this.

With that one quality set aside, the Eone is still a very reliable watch.

Value -Eone Watch Review

Eone Bradley watches have not been around for a very long time (relative to big historical brands like Rolex). So because of this, I do not know how the value of these watches will hold over time. I DO know, that these timepieces are VERY affordable and definitely worth the price that they retail for.

Eone wanted to create a watch that is beautiful and affordable. I would say they succeeded in their goal to do so. If you keep your Bradley in good condition, which since they are so durable it is not a hard task, the watches should hold their retail value.

At the end of the day, I would suggest holding onto your Eone. It is one of a kind watch, with a story like no other. I do not want to say they will be worth thousands, but I do believe if the manufacturers stop producing these watches, they will one day be sought after (my own opinion).

The Verdict

The results are in and it seems as though the Eone Bradley is a MUST HAVE watch.

Think of all of those who are left out of the watch community because they are unable to see. Well not any longer. Eone is a brand that represents hope, innovation, character, and history.  I say the Eone should become a classic one day. The story behind the Eone is just so different. The design is unlike any other, and the magnetic movement is one of a kind. If you are ready to sport a modern, fashionable, and highly durable timepiece, look no further than the Eone Bradley.

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