Best Invicta Watch: For Economical Elegance

(Last Updated On: March 28, 2021)

From the vast number of models from this watch brand, Invicta 8928OB Pro Diver is our top choice for the best Invicta watch. Besides being stylish and eye-catching, it’s also water-resistant and durable.

Living up to the remarkable reputation the Invicta brand has been building on the market the last few years, they’ve got you covered with so many great watches. The company specialises in producing high-quality and affordable timepieces.

Best Invicta Watch


Offering some of the best watches you can buy under $50, Invicta is a perfect choice for people on a tight budget. They’re known for making well-crafted lasting watches of different price range to ensure there is one for everyone.

From models suitable for formal occasions to everyday wears and adventurous use, there is always a choice for you. To keep you more informed so you can find the right Invicta watch model for you, we will review our top pick – Invicta 8928OB.  Plus, a few others like the Invicta 6981 Pro Divers watch, and the Invicta Men’s 28896 Aviator watch.

Invicta 8928OB Pro Divers Watch

Best Invicta Watch

If you are one of us that can’t decide between a gold or silver watch, the Invicta 8928OB solves the problem. It seems to be the flashiest watch in the entire Invicta pro dive series. The 8928OB looks great and functions even better. It’s one of the best choices for those who love to spend time in and on the water.

The dependable 40mm 8928OB Invicta Pro Driver has an incredibly attractive design with magnified date window, an exhibition case back, and luminescent hands and markers to allow easy display of the time and date in dim environments. With the Swiss automatic movement running this chronometer, you never have to worry about losing time.

Benefits / Drawbacks

It’s safe to say this company meant the Invicta 8928OB when they set out with their Latin name that means “invisible.” Let’s look at some of the features as we proceed.

Super-stylish timepiece

Although Invicta regard to this watch as a pro driver, in our opinion it seems to be more of a dress watch. It has all the makings of one. Such as the royal blue dial, matched with a striking gold-plated stainless steel bracelet and a prominent Invicta logo on the clasp. From a glance, you can tell the date from the magnified date window on the stunning royal blue face.

The watch styling is glossy, vintage-inspired, and guaranteed to make people stare. But for a more formal look, the flashy dial is a bit reduced with the anti-reflective mineral crystal. Exposing the blue dial to a strong light source creates an appealing appearance of a purple fringe.

Sleek and affordable watch

We think Invicta intentionally made the 8928OB Pro Diver Automatic watch to look so similar to the Rolex Submariner 116613. Well, it makes a great deal if you want a “budget Rolex” with acceptable quality.

Setting up the date and time is made simple with the textured unidirectional bezel that’s easy to grip and turn. Also, under the transparent display is the time, date, marker, hand and the Invicta logo. Invicta 8926OB looks much more expensive than the actual cost; it can serve as the next best gift.

Water-resistant and durable

Even as a good looking dress watch, it’s rated for up to 200 Meters depth in water, so you have one of the best inexpensive dive watch models right here. With the great sense of functionality, the 8928OB is the type of watch you want on your wrist when you are out on the ocean.

To avoid losing the watch in the water, the Invicta 8928OB has an impressive safety latch to keep it confined to the wrist until you intend to take it off. Also, for durability during deep-diving activities, it has a screw-down crown.

Invicta 6981 Pro Divers Watch – 2ND Choice

Best Invicta Watch

The Invicta 6981 is arguably the most attractive watch from the brand. It has a modern and futuristic look. All the features put together at this price is hard to beat. Some of them include a 48mm stainless steel case, 240mm polyurethane band, a trio of subdial, luminescent hands and markers, and a stunning unidirectional bezel. Others include an authentic Japanese quartz movement on an analog display with a hardened mineral dial window to shield it.

In fact, this Invicta watch is the exact one you want to think of when you’re looking for a dive-ready chronograph. Even though it functions effectively underwater, it’s still beneficial as a fashion watch to those who don’t swim.

Benefits / Drawbacks

Obviously, a considerable deal of engineering work makes up this watch. Continue reading to see some of the features.

Eye-catching design

Most Pro Diver watch from Invicta look great, but the 6981 one has a more modern twist that makes it hard to replicate. The striking bold black and gold-tone of the case and bezel nicely blended with the gold-coated stainless steel links present it as an exceptional luxurious timepiece. In terms of aesthetic values, this watch stands out. The 6981 Invicta has a luxurious and stylish look that’s sure to get you lots of positive comments.

Reliable Swiss Movement

Asides from the fantastic look that is hard to go unnoticed, the movement is another reason for the popularity of this particular timepiece. Supported by Tritnite technology, you can also check the time in low light conditions. The Swiss quartz movement alone is already enough proof of the Invicta 6981’s excellent functionality.

Balanced weight and Water-resistant

Invicta 6981 stands out as an all-round appealing timepiece. It’s water-resistant up to 100 meters making the watch suitable for snorkelling and swimming. But not waterproof enough for heavy water sports or deep diving. The sizes of most watches determine the level of comfort.

For the 17mm thick 6981, it feels big and bulky, which in turn balances the weight on the wrist. Being an oversized watch, small wrists will most likely feel uncomfortable in it. But overall, it’s the ideal watch for anyone looking for a masculine and big sports watch.

Invicta Men’s 28896 Aviator Watch – 3rd Choice

Best Invicta Watch

The Invicta 28896 Activator is another aesthetically pleasing watch. It comes with unique values that accomplish a pleasant combination of style and functionality. Some of the watch features include an attractive blue dial, luminous hands, three subdials for 24 hour, 60 minutes, and 60 seconds. Also, it features a Flame Fusion crystal and push-pull crown.

It’s identified with the slide rule on the rim of the dial, crown, pushers, stainless steel link bracelet, fold-over clasp, and a beautiful blue dial secured with a hardened and scratch-resistant window.

Benefits / Drawbacks

Usually, Invictas have a great blend of style and quality. The 28896 Aviator is no different. Check out what qualifies them to be one of the best Invicta watch options.

Solid Build-up

Right from a glace, you can already see the solid build and sophistication of the watch. This conversation starter is a must-have and a great addition to your collection. Just like 6981, it’s also on the big and heavy size with a thick case.

Parts of the makeup includes a 48mm stainless steel case, the 225mm two-tone band, 18K gold ion-plated bezel and a sapphire crystal. To ensure you’re well informed, it also has luminous hands, and three chronograph subdials. But no date window.

Accurate timekeeping mechanism

Powered by a long-lasting quartz movement, you can always trust the Invicta 28896 Activator watch to be correct at all times. It’s another functional piece with a Japanese quartz movement, an analog display, and a tachymeter addition.

It’s got high-tech values, yet looking so classic making this piece perfect for just about anyone. Really, it’s fair to think of it as the best of both worlds.

Designed for surface watersports

Beyond the glamour, this watch may be for you if you need a good watch to wear in and out of water. Like most Invicta watches, it can resist water up to 100 meters, which is perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Although this waterproof quality is good enough for boating, it’s not quite what you want for scuba diving.

It has an exciting mix of features to admirably keep accurate time and stand up to intense use without any problem – That’s how durable the 28896 Invicta is.

General Criteria in Selecting the Best Invicta watch

Because there are so many Invicta models, we have presented Invicta 8928OB as our choice for the best Invicta watch. It’s wise to know how we came about this decision. This is for you also to understand what makes a good watch.

For the best Invicta watch, besides the quality, price and overall features, you also need to consider factors like the movement, looks, comfort, and ability to resist water. This review on the best Invicta watch should get you started on finding the one that suits your taste.

Bottom Line

The Invicta watches continue to be popular and loved for their quality homage and especially the affordable price tag. Surely, you won’t regret getting one for yourself. Also, you should know that searching for an authentic and suitable model can be quite challenging. You shouldn’t ignore proper research as there’s a possibility of being tricked with fake imitations. So you should be careful when selecting your desired model.

If our article on the best Invicta watch is giving you an interest in this brand, let’s delight you with more reviews on the Invicta Pro Diver.

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